24. The Music of Silkroad Online - Christmas Town II

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I thought it might be cool to have a playlist that includes every
single Silkroad Online soundtrack from the music.pk2 that has been released until 2019. So here we go.

The Music of Silkroad Online
1. Main Theme
2. Arabia Dungeon
3. Arabia Field
4. Arabia Login
5. Arabia Thief Boss
6. Arabia Town
7. Arabia Desert
8. Asia Minior Field
9. Central Asia Field
10. Central Asia Town
11. Donwhang Dungeon
12. Donwhang Field
13. Donwhang Town
14. Eastern Europe Field
15. Eastern Europe Town
16. Egypt Dungeon Pharaoh
17. Egypt Dungeon Temple
18. Egypt Field Delta
19. Egypt Field Kings Valley
20. Egypt Field Storm Desert
21. Egypt Town Alexandria I
22. Egypt Town Alexandria II
23. Christmas Town I
24. Christmas Town II
25. Christmas Town III
26. Christmas Town IV
27. Festival Event
28. Ghost Event
29. Forgotten World I
30. Forgotten World II
31. Forgotten World III
32. Fortress War
33. Hotan Field
34. Jangan Field
35. Jangan Town
36. Jinsi Dungeon (Jangan Cave)
37. Jupiter Login
38. Jupiter Boss
39. Jupiter Field
40. Karakoram Field
41. Battle Arena
42. Mt. Roc Field
43. Roc Battle
44. Roc Login
45. Roc Entrance
46. Taklamakan Field
47. Shining Star (Bonus Track)

Every single song has been extracted from the Music.pk2.
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