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Here's a collection of the funniest, cutest, and most heartwarming animal videos that we've seen so far in 2018!

Corgi Dog Rides On Pony At Night
Credit: ViralSnare ( For more visit:

Puppy meets baby for the first time
For more of this adorable pup, Halo, visit:

Baby Donkey Has The Zoomies
To sponsor the ongoing care of Grace and her daughter Piper, you can support Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue: Follow them on Facebook for updates on these two in their happy new home:

This Dog Is Completely Obsessed With Cracking Ice

Cats Play Patty Cake
Credit: Brave Bison

Dog Does Not Want To Go Inside

Squid Inks Scuba Diver

Cat and Pig Cuddle

Big Dog Helps Small Dog in Snow
Credit: Brave Bison

Girls Reunite With Their Lost Cat
Footage provided by Caters TV:

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