Animals Taking Baths Pt 1 | Funny Animals Compilation |#thatpetlife

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Bath time is special. It gives us precious alone time, a chance to start fresh and anew. But for our furry and feathery friends, it can lead to HILARITY and even TOTAL CHAOS! You've definitely bathed your dog, cat or maybe duck or pig before and you know it can be FUN FAMILY TIME, but things can GET OUT OF HAND QUICKLY if you don't pay attention! And that's why we at That Pet Life present our new compilation, Animals Taking Baths. BE SURE TO SHARE with your people and your best four legged friends!

Which of these clips is your fave? Is it the DOGGO DRYING HIMSELF on the floor towel at 2:35? Or the PIGGY DRINKING HIS BATHWATER at 3:49? Our favorite may be the ADORABLE DUCKLINGS at 3:07. Tell us all about it in the comments, remember to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to #thatpetlife and SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS!

Animals Taking Baths | Funny Animals Compilation |#thatpetlife


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