Monster School: THE EVIL NUN HORROR CHALLENGE- Minercatf Animation

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Herobraine took the Mobs to play THE NUN HORROR CHALLENGE!

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1.Non Copyrighted Scary Music | Spooky Bells (Royalty Free Music)

Music provided by Non Copyrighted Music:

Music used: Marwan Nimra - Spooky Bells by Natentine

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 -------------------------------------------

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2.Horror Ambience Music (Royalty Free) [Quiet]

3.Objects Falling #1 / No Copyright Sound Effect

4.Bones - Okay,ButThisIsTheLastTime (BASS BOOSTED) (DISTORTED)

5.UFO Sound Effect (Royalty Free)

6.Classic Alien Arrival Sound Effect

Green Screen:


2.UFO green screen flying saucer footage |chroma key| effect

3.Instagram Green Screen w/ Sound! | GG Green Screens

4.Lightbulb on/off - FREE GREEN SCREEN EFFECTS

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